Drop #38: In the year 2024

Made for MSCHF

A crowd-sourced domain-squatting webshop. Visitors were able to buy shares of a squatted domain for $1 per share with a 100 shares per URL. This is just one of the many crazy concepts MSCHF creates and I was honored to build it for them this time.
MSCHF releases (a drop) every 2 weeks and thus work in a high-pressure environment. I was asked to create the frontend in a week and a custom backend in another. Although I had my doubts if I could do it, with some help in the form of boiler-code, I preceeded to continue and the immense pressure actually helped me achieve to build a custom backend – something I don't usually do – within a a week with AWS (notably DynamoDB, Lambda functions and Stripe) that I had never worked with before.

Unfortunately, due to company registration, we were unable to get a Stripe API key. Last-minute the shop was changed to Shopify. The backend was now used to manage the frontend sold-out states manually. The shares were all soldout in 45min and had tops ±5000 visitors realtime on the site.

k k, just 1 for teh layouts:


Static frontend with custom backend and payment system
Vue, Nuxt, AWS, DynamoDB, Lambda fn, S3 buckets, Stripe Checkout
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